Daniel Sannwald is a German photographer based between London and Munich

Management + Artists

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Management + Artists (New York)
Stacee Robert
+1 212 931 9311

Management + Artists (Paris)
Alexandre Lamare
+33 1 42 71 70 03

Studio Sannwald

Daniel Sannwald

Design  Claudia Doms
Code  Jens Buss
Background animations  Rafael Bonilla Jr.

Daniel Sannwald editorial credits include such as Dazed & Confused, i-D, 032C, Arena Homme Plus, Pop, V, Garage , Document, Ten Men, Vogue Uk, Vogue Russia and Vogue Homme Japan as well as the monograph Pluto & Charon (2011)

“…In one sense his photographs—unpredictable, loaded with sometimes indecipherable or dreamlike symbols and juxtapositions—are unassailable by literal reading or conventional description. In this way his work is not easy, as we are offered no particular pattern to the look or even making of his pictures with which to safely decode what he presents from story to story. And yet his work revels in being fashion. The pictures he creates embrace beauty, sophisticated styling and the representation and interpretation of garments. Sannwald’s images often draw our attention to the artifice of the promise of the new…”

“…Appearance, a key and seemingly straightforward concern of the fashion photograph is a complex element of Sannwald’s images. Frequently we observe what I think of as layers or skins built up or stripped away on his models. Though not always seamless, these recall science fiction narratives where an outer shell of an android is ruptured revealing the deception or melancholy of wiring and circuit boards rather than flesh and blood. Some times the shell remains shiny and in tact, perhaps a little too perfect, other times and more recently interference or a blip or bug disrupts the image on your monitor…”

Fashion Photography Next, Published by Thames & Hudson